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Acceptable Use of Licensed Electronic Resources

The electronic resources provided by the Newman Library are governed by legally binding license agreements, negotiated between the library and the publishers. These licenses allow students, faculty, and other authorized users to access the resources for non-commercial, educational, and scholarly purposes. Off-campus use requires confirmation of affiliation with Baruch College.

Users of library-licensed resources must comply with the terms of agreements and be aware that publishers may monitor use of electronic resources to ensure that the terms of their licensing agreements are enforced. Breach of license may lead a publisher/vendor to turn off the college’s access.

The following uses are prohibited:

  • use of any software designed to automatically browse the web (“robots,” “spiders,” “crawlers,” etc.), record web browsing activity, or systematically download content for offline use
  • downloading all articles in a journal issue
  • downloading articles from most issues of a journal
  • downloading a sizable amount of reports from a database

See also: CUNY’s Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources (pdf)