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Mission Statement

The Newman Library, by promoting the interaction between the Baruch community and the increasingly complex information environment, is central to the educational mission of Baruch College.

An academic department of the college that achieves its goals in close consultation with other academic units, the library utilizes its landmark building and advanced information technology to promote the optimal use of information, stimulate the pursuit of free intellectual inquiry, support faculty research, and instill habits of lifelong learning.

Through the development and provision of credit courses, course-related lectures, open workshops, reference services, instructional materials, educational software, and support for graduate and undergraduate student research, the library strives to develop in Baruch students a competitive level of information competence.

The library builds print and electronic collections to meet the needs of the curriculum and to reflect the emerging trends within the disciplines taught at the college. The library facilitates access to these resources through description and organization, timely availability, technological and physical infrastructure, and supportive services.

The library augments its collections by establishing resource sharing arrangements with other libraries and by using commercial information services and computerized networks.

In supporting Baruch’s educational emphases, the library serves as a unique resource to the City University of New York in areas such as business and public affairs, available through a University policy of open access and resource sharing. The library also provides professional and technological support and leadership within the CUNY library system, actively participating in the development and implementation of university-wide library and information resources, services, and policies.

As the official repository of the College’s institutional history, the library collects, maintains, and provides access to the archives of the College.

The library collects, analyzes, and publishes data on the use of its collections and services as a basis for projecting and accommodating the changing needs of the Baruch community.

The library faculty collaborate with other faculty in scholarly research and in the development of curricular materials and instructional resources. In addition, the library supports individual faculty research and the information needs of the College administration by providing direction, access, and expertise in information retrieval.

The library faculty advance their profession through innovative practice, publication in scholarly journals, participation in academic conferences, and leadership in professional organizations.

Approved by the Department of the Library: March 6, 1998
Approved by the Library Administrative Staff: May 12, 1998