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Information Studies Minor

Spring 2020 Courses

LIB 3040 Information and Society

3 hours, 3 credits
Prerequisite: ENG 2100
Three sections:

  • Tue. & Thu. 2:30 pm – 3:45 pm (hybrid course)
  • Tue. 6:05 pm  – 9:00 pm (hybrid course)
  • Schedule TBA (fully online course)

This course examines the nature, production, value, and uses of information in historical perspective; the latest developments in information technology; the ways information is produced and disseminated and how they affect business, politics, media, science, arts and culture; the growth of the information society; and major information policy issues. (Cross-listed with COM 3040 and PAF 3040)

LIB 3065 Electronic Resources and Research Methods for Writers

3 hours, 3 credits
Prerequisite: ENG 2150. Pre- or co-requisite: ENG 2500, ENG 2550, or departmental permission.
Fully online course

This course explores the impact of information research on writing. Students develop proficiency in evaluating, identifying, and using relevant print, electronic, and Internet sources to locate the business, government, biographical, political, social, and statistical information necessary for in-depth journalistic reportage and other forms of research.

LIB 4900 Advanced Topics in Information Studies

3 hours, 3 credits
Prerequisite: ENG 2100 and two 3000-level LIB courses or departmental permission.
Tue. & Thu. 4:10 pm – 5:25 pm (hybrid course)

This course serves as the capstone for the Information Studies minor. Students will engage in a focused analysis of a selected topic in information studies and the debates around it, from the local to the global. Discussions will include the social, political, psychological, and ethical aspects of information and communication technologies. Students will develop and undertake a semester-long, original research project related to the course topic.


About the Information Studies Minor